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A mini-tour of the City Palace will introduce you to the hotel and its services.
City Palace Hotel is located in the heart of Tashkent city, which is convenient for guests who are interested in the city itself and its attractions. The hotel is also convenient for meetings and business in Tashkent, due to its close location to the administrative centers.
The interior of the hotel perfectly combines modern European style with original details of oriental design.
City Palace – Your perfect holiday in Tashkent!

1 floor
Lobby Bar.

On the ground floor, in the lobby of the hotel, there is a "Lobby Bar" for our dear guests and visitors. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting with friends or discuss important projects with business partners. Soft chairs and warm light will distract you from the city bustle and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the present moment of time, and our hospitable staff will do everything to make you happy. "Lobby Bar" is a comfortable coffee bar with a large assortment of hot, soft and alcoholic beverages to suit your refined taste and for any situation. .

Restaurant «Amudaryo»

«Amudaryo» is a cozy restaurant for meetings and daily meals. The bright terrace with spacious windows offers views of the inner park and the summer pool at the hotel. The morning breakfast will be greeted with warm rays of the sun, and the evening dinner will be accompanied by a beautiful sunset landscape. Reasonable prices, a wide selection of dishes and a cozy atmosphere make the restaurant «Amudaryo» an excellent place for lovers of gastronomic pleasure. There are 100 seats for non-smokers and 80 for smoking guests.

Restaurant «Grand Ballroom»

The luxurious «Grand Ballroom» is designed for large events and banquets, including weddings, with a total capacity of up to 300 people. The «Grand Ballroom» is ideal for official conferences, with an included coffee break and a separate lobby for negotiations during the break. The rich interior of the restaurant will give the event respectability and special chic. The menu offers dishes of Eastern and European cuisines. Visitors to the Grand Ballroom will be filled with a festive mood and bright, unforgettable impressions.

Restaurant «Marrakesh»

The «Marrakech» restaurant is designed for small events and private celebrations, including a romantic dinner for two and birthday parties. The extraordinary interior of the «Marrakech» in the Moroccan oriental style gives the restaurant a mysterious and oriental charm. The restaurant «Marrakech» can accommodate up to 30 people and each of them will be pleasantly surprised: fine cuisine, warm atmosphere and festive mood.

2 floor
Lounge Bar.

In our cozy and elegant Lounge Bar, there is something for everyone to do. Here you can fully immerse yourself in reading your favorite book, have a great time with friends in the karaoke bar and try exclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. If you are going to hold a meeting with business partners: the Lounge Bar is perfect for coffee breaks and business lunches. And if you have a special event, then the Lounge Bar is an extremely beautiful place for photo shoots.

Conference halls.

The conference rooms at the City Palace are perhaps the most comfortable rooms for holding various meetings and seminars in Tashkent. The hotel has 4 thematic conference halls, the interior design of which was selected specifically for the most popular cities of Uzbekistan. The capacity of the halls varies: from 10 to 40 people.

Beauty saloon.

Beauty will save the world, and «Beauty Salon» provides professional services of hairdressers and stylists for an instant transformation and creation of a new, refined style. At the «Beauty Salon» there is a massage room with various types of services that will allow you to relax and get a comprehensive treatment.